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Architectural Confusion in America

No need to wax on too much about this article (Why Ordinary Americans Reject Architectural Ideologues) from The American Conservative, which is about why so many Americans have been trained to reject traditional architecture by habit, yet are quietly drawn to traditional design as an inherent human instinct. I could not help by recall that […]

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This is Capitalism

As I continue to immerse myself into the mindset of the true New Urbanist, the most consistent thing I recognize is an honest sense of entrepreneurialism in those who are willing to take risks, and therefore a stance, in their efforts to break the conventional mold and real estate’s “cashing it in quick” mindset. I […]

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Transforming Cities through the Power of Art and Culture

Art and expressions of culture can no longer be considered pricey or optional additions to major real estate projects. “Culture is the new currency,” stated Shaheen Sadeghi, president and CEO, LAB Holding, at a 2015 ULI Fall Meeting opening general session. “It’s the way you think and interact with your community.” Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO […]

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Google Builds a City?

Interesting article in WIRED magazine about Google’s vision for “smart growth.” It does not take a crystal ball to determine that Google’s definition extends well beyond the tenants of New Urbanism. Granted, they are all about: walkability/less auto-dependence, greenspace, affordable housing, public transportation and the usual list of must haves; but they take it well […]

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Horse Creek Trust is Real

The Horse Creek Trust, a South Carolina nonprofit corporation, was organized in 2015 for the general purpose of rebuilding one of the South’s most timeless small towns as a beautiful destination and a dynamic sustainable new working community. “The Trust’s” mission honors the vision of William Gregg, who founded the town of Graniteville in […]

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Proof in the Urban Pudding

Jeff Speck offers another great presentation on Ted Talks. There is tremendous affirmation that the precepts of New Urbanism have taken root. I recall debates with developers and home builders less than a decade ago that this is all a “a trend.” I take pride in knowing that it is both a reality and necessary. […]

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New York Times Magazine Article

The following article in the NY Times Magazine this past weekend is quite balanced and good. The part that that cannot be grasped in a brief interview relates to the fact that New Urbanist communities such as Hammond’s Ferry, through significant investment in both the physical public realm as well as the cultural realm through […]

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21st Century Suburbia. What’s in the Cards?

Today’s opinion blog in the New York Times ( brings to center stage the point, and now seemingly the fizzling argument, that the way Americans live is changing forever. I say “fizzling” because the argument which has been bolstered by the development world (National Association of Home Builders, the National Association of Realtors, production homebuilders […]

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New Marketing for the New Urbanisim

The Charter for the Congress for New Urbanism outlines specific principles and practices which, in effect, serve as a guide for developers, governmental authorities, designers, planners and real estate professionals towards responsible community building. Emphasizing the timeless utility of many classical design principles while embracing many higher sociological and environmental standards that are embraced today, […]

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Our Human Environment (The Blue Beech Inspiration)

[BLUE BEECH: Inspired from the common name of the American Hornbeam tree (“Blue Beech”) the juxtaposition the of color not typically associated with a living organism. Blue Beech…The nurturer of things necessary and finder of things lost for healthy human living.] The world of the 21st century, while offering technological advances and social liberties never […]

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David Byrne on the Perfect City

Just read a great article by the famous David Byrne, of the Talking Heads, on his vision of the perfect city.  This represents the importance of knowing and understanding the most meaningful places in one’s life, and considering how certain built and/or cultural elements from these places can improve your hometown. Check it out here. […]

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Social “Risky” Business

Jumping on moving bandwagons can be risky business.   But in the business world, getting left behind can be fatal.    So, as the fire of social media sweeps the globe, businesses, business people, charities, academic institutions, churches, and virtually every quasi organized entity in the world today are beginning to recognize that the civilized […]

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