Blue Beech is a holistic development, marketing services and consulting firm, which draws from the talents of a multi-disciplined management team who’s aggregate effect is to create, redevelop and contribute to meaningful places where human beings can thrive physically, emotionally, socially and culturally. With over two decades experience in the realm of new urbanist design and development, conservation design and development, historic preservation, environmental restoration and analysis, as well as market analysis and sales and marketing management, coaching and publishing, Blue Beech offers a single point of reference for the myriad of disciplines necessary to both maintain and restore a healthy human environment. But Blue Beech’s mission also includes the internal development of the individual, how they are affected by their external environment and how they are able to both cope with and establish cleaner, healthier foundations for living.

The human environment

* Is dependent upon the health of larger natural environment inspires ecological restoration and environmental sustainability.
* Requires a human scaled built environment which, addressing changing needs over time with a consistent emphasis on a healthy public realm .
* Honors the historic patterns of a particular region while maintaining a vision of the future.
* Underscores each citizen’s obligation to family and civic duty.
* Nurtures a thriving and active cultural realm that in turn nurtures the social values of its location.
* Inspires learning and sharing of knowledge relevant to both the individual and, therefore, the community.
* Encourages healthy and responsible social interaction and among the whole while respecting the identity of the individual.

Life is to be experienced, not endured.

N. Turner Simkins