This is Capitalism

As I continue to immerse myself into the mindset of the true New Urbanist, the most consistent thing I recognize is an honest sense of entrepreneurialism in those who are willing to take risks, and therefore a stance, in their efforts to break the conventional mold and real estate’s “cashing it in quick” mindset. I have many relationships with many great people who have become quite wealthy, developing conventional suburban communities, rehabbing dated shopping centers, or simply putting cash into good income producing brands, like drug store chains and grocery stores. But when it comes to new urbanism, it takes someone who is willing to go against the grain. It takes someone who is willing to fight the planning commissions in their area, to get approvals for narrower streets, higher density and, heaven forbid, bike paths or sidewalks. It takes someone who is willing to forego a quick return in favor of an extended profit, but one that is premised on something that truly benefits our society. My friend Warren Stephens has a new blog entitled, “This is Capitalism,” where is ponders what it is that affects the spirit of of both today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in the American economy. This is a very well written piece that I hope you will take to heart and share with others. But for people like Warren, the status quo will prevent tomorrow’s capitalist from taking the types of risks necessary for us to rebuild America the way she deserves.

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