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Architectural Confusion in America

No need to wax on too much about this article (Why Ordinary Americans Reject Architectural Ideologues) from The American Conservative, which is about why so many Americans have been trained to reject traditional architecture by habit, yet are quietly drawn to traditional design as an inherent human instinct. I could not help by recall that […]

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New Marketing for the New Urbanisim

The Charter for the Congress for New Urbanism outlines specific principles and practices which, in effect, serve as a guide for developers, governmental authorities, designers, planners and real estate professionals towards responsible community building. Emphasizing the timeless utility of many classical design principles while embracing many higher sociological and environmental standards that are embraced today, […]

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David Byrne on the Perfect City

Just read a great article by the famous David Byrne, of the Talking Heads, on his vision of the perfect city. ┬áThis represents the importance of knowing and understanding the most meaningful places in one’s life, and considering how certain built and/or cultural elements from these places can improve your hometown. Check it out here. […]

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